Holding Up History

Holding Up History

Le Marché is a local, legendary landmark

The legacy of Le Marché traces back to nearly 90 years ago, when dirt roads were the main highways and when convenience stores were far and few between. For miles, Le Marché was the only general merchandise country store where people stocked up on everything from home necessities to cattle feed.

Our family owned shop has been passed down from generation to generation, providing you with exceptional service and goods for almost a century. The goods might have changed over the years, but the service we provide has always been the same.

Come learn more about our history in person. Visit our locally owned country store today in Maurice, LA.

Locally owned, local products all under one roof

From our hardware supplies to our specialty meats, everything sold in our shop starts and ends right here in the heart of Maurice, Louisiana. We pride ourselves on delivering you with the highest quality products while also supporting local, small businesses like ourselves. The years of local support we have received from the community help us to continue to give back and support local. We guarantee to provide you with exceptional service and Grade-A goods, just like we did in 1930.

Let Le Marché be your top choice for your family owned, one-stop-shop needs. Call us today at 337-893-4311.